Welcome to Hawaii Promotions! The purpose of our website is to show you how to get the most bang for your buck while on Vacation in Hawaii.


For less than 2 hours of your time, we offer you free activities, tours, tickets, and rentals in exchange for your participation in our vacation promotion while here in Hawaii. You can choose from our preset gift packages for two, or mix and match your own from our gift catalogue with a $200 Shopping Spree! The vacation product you’ll be evaluating is designed to save you thousands on Hotels, Resorts, Condos, & Cruises. And, the gifts that you receive are yours to keep whether you purchase the product or not. Come see a great product and save big at the same time!


The website has 3 main sections: The Gift Catalogue, Promotion Details, & Registration. Our recomendation is to explore the different gifts that we offer and pick out something you like. Then review the details of the promotion, and register here on the web or by calling one of our live agents.


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